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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Look For Users in Active directory,in Sharepoint

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Check SharePoint Current loggedin user in Active directory


thorge said...

hey cool.
nice code snippet, but what is your txtUSerName?!


Isha kapoor said...


txtUserName was a Textbox in which user enters its login id and then we look in active directory for users name and e-mail Id On hit of GetUserDetails Button.

Anonymous said...


i am a complete SP newbie....

this looks exactly what i want..
how do i put the code behind a button in SP designer ?

currently have : {{input name="Button1" type="button" value="button" /?


Kiran said...

Hi Isha,

Thanks for the code snippet. It was very useful. I have an AD group which is assigned to a Sharepoint group. When I try to assign a task to a user under the AD group through workflow create task, it was not able to find the user in sharepoint.
I used web.EnsureUser(usrName) before assigning the task to the user and it works perfectly. Thanks once again.


sakin said...


code to create an user in active directory through webpart

Anonymous said...

Great Article ...

Dominic Horne said...
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Anonymous said...
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MansoorForU said...

Hi ISHA, and All,

I am working in WSS 3.0.My Requirement is

Whenver User modified his user profile in contact list it will updated in AD. For example

I Modifying one of user called "mansoor" his contact number in Contact list. when he click OK it will updated contact list and also should updated in AD.

please help me out ,client wants this requirement ,I already cross the deadline .
PLEASE DO THE NEEDFULL......Waiting your replay


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