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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Useful Links for changing Look and Feel

Creating User control in master Page :
Add user control in sharepoint master page

Swtich Master Page according to logged in users group.

Switch SharePoint master page for logged in user


Andy Burns said...

Hi Isha,

Was just checking out broken links into my site, and I think one of the links on this post is wrong! Can I suggest for Look and Feel stuff?


Isha kapoor said...

Thanks a lot

kancharla said...


I have a problem any one please help me to solve the problem....

In bread crumb i want to hide a node how can i do that help me please....

Thanx in advance.....

gvijaikumar said...

Add the property ParentLevelsDisplayed="0" in the asp:SiteMapPath... tag

which display's only the current site Title

For more information visit the link

kancharla said...

Hi vijay kumar Thanx a lot. That is not the exact solution for my problem but it helped me a lot to solve that problem if my link is like
"Home > Userpages > Comments"

i would like to hide only the userpages link in breadcrumb

can you please help me how can i do that

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