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Sunday, September 13, 2009

SharePoint 2010 For Developers

SharePoint 2010 Interview Questions

Ok firstly, to develop custom components in sharepoint we need a VS 2010 and Designer 2010... . Well not sure about this though!

So, We have lot of new stuff to paly with like a designer view for Webparts and also for creating BDC connections( thats awsome!) And also an integrated support for VS TFS including source code control and team build capabilities.

You can check out the Demo videos on the link below.

My fav, is designer webparts and way its been deployed. And now we can also use various sharepoint controls like people picker and datatime with a drag and drop. data controls will also be avaiable. for eg now you can set up spgridview in design of the webpart.

Please check out the whole new demo videos and stuff Here


Awadh Singh said...

nice post about sharepoint 2010. I am also waiting to try it. And I must admit you have a very good blog which is very very useful for Sharepoint developers.

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