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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Custom Calendar Webpart,With colors

Please see my post at I also have added the missing CAMl query. Click the link below for full code.

Custom Calendar WebPart


Anonymous said...

Its a gr8 job, it was reallly help ful

Isha kapoor said...


Anonymous said...

I can´t do it work right...
Perhaps, because my sharePoint is in spanish?
In the "team calendar", i have only one item, but in the custom calendar appears all dais in kakhi color.
Can you help me, please?

Isha kapoor said...

Hey ,
I am using Calendar List , in Sharepoint ... Are you using the same!
If Yes!Then this should pick up one color in khaki for event date only.

Do you get event details in a label when u click on that date ?

Anonymous said...

yes, when I click i get event details, the problem is that all days are in kakhi, also with the days that don´t have any event

Isha kapoor said...

So .. there is some issuee in colors .... Please remove color settings from Webpart for otherMonthDays and weekends ...
Or there can be an issue in SPQuery
the queruery for you is returning all the items not one with the event .

Please check the query

Isha kapoor said...

I have Uploaod the Query at the Top of the Post ... Have a look

Anonymous said...

Now it´s ok!
Thank you!

Deepu said...


I am new for development. when i try to implement this webpart i hanged up when it try to build up with this line code:-

query.Query = "EventDate FieldName""\""" />""\""" />" + day.Date.ToString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH\\:mm\\:ssZ") + "";

I really don't know what i have to do with this. Error showing that ";" required on this line. The same line in both of the webpart (webcontrol and webpart).

Can anybody help out me.

I suppose i have to just creat a caledar type of list in my site named "Team Calendar" after deploy it. Am i right???

Thanks and Regards
Kuldeep Kadyan

Deepu said...

even i had tried by commenting these lines sothat atleast i can get only UI for have alook upon it...but in this case i am able to built this but not getting anything on the site after deployed in c:/windows/assembly not getting anything to populate in my webpart gallery.

Isha kapoor said...

Deepu ...send me your E-mail address i will send you the whole calendar control doing everything.

Deepu said...

Its Great idea Isha...

you can send me on


K.D.Kadyan said...

Hi Isha,

I am still waiting for your code. Would you please send me that ASAP.

Kuldeep Kadyan

ChinaLiu said...

Hi, Isha, I also can't have the code worked, it is also the problem with the line:
query.Query = "EventDate FieldName""\""" />""\""" />" + day.Date.ToString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH\\:mm\\:ssZ") + "";

Could you send your complete code to my email?

THank you!

vijay said...

Hi Isha,

Did you work with CIBER, PA?


amit said...

Hi Isha,

I am also haivng the same problem could you please send me the code on my email-id

Hu said...

Please send me a copy of this code as well.

Thank you so much

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

hi Isha ,

I hope you see this soon :(

Well I am having problems with the calendar webpart :
1- there is an error in the ventDate FieldName""\""" />""\""" />"

and I tried to solve it with ventDate FieldName'\'/>'\'/>"

2-May I ask you to send the project ? since I am trying to deploy it ,but it doesnt want to add the webpart saying troublshoot webpart and error to the deployed solution :(

Thank you in advance :)

Anonymous said...
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lawtonterri said...

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