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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

User control in Master Pages

Adding a user Contol in a master page is quite easy and is useful too. I have once added the control in the master page for changing the links in quick launch bar and once, for creating a custom footer in the master page .

I have added a post at my new website with detail screenshots which explains the procces to add a link in the master page with user control. Please see the link below.

Add user control in sharepoint master page


kancharla said...

Hi i have a probny one please help me to solve that

I have two master pages for my portal i need to apply master page1 to Administrator and master page2 to other users. How can i do that

Thanx in Advance

Gaurav Kanwar said...

You can create http module and then change the master page of the requested page depending upon the user.

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